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Skid Hustler - the skid picker that does it right!

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The Skid Hustler is a unique skid picker that runs efficiently, picking skids without the tires even having to stop turning as it rolls along the pipeline. When it comes to skid bundling, the Skid Hustler makes the neatest, tightest bundles in the industry. 

Providing up to 3500 gallons of 100% containment capacity, allows for waste-water disposal in an ecological manner.

These wash pad systems require no extensive plumbing and can be used year-round, with the addition of glycol heaters to impede any freezing.

Wash pad sections can be connected with 2” hoses to allow for fluid equalization or skimming fluid off and pumping to a tank for disposal at a later time.

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With a weight rating of 150,000lbs, even heavy-duty equipment can easily be accommodated. 

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