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From Fire to Flood, Cross Country Canada has the equipment, industrial supplies, and knowledgeable personnel to handle these unfortunate situations with least amount of impact.


Is a well put together system, comprising of high-pressure pumps, reel hose, manifolds, and water canons to create a wetland barrier. A dedicated technical team to deploy, install and monitor throughout.

Forest Fire

Utilized for fire-fighting, our fire suppression trailers are rugged, durable and reliable, providing added safety to remote worksites.



  • 2 x 500 gallon water tanks

  • 5 kilowatt generator (Honda EB 5000X)

  • 500' of fire hose (5 x 100' hose sections with couplers)

  • Motorized reel

  • Honda WH20XT high pressure water pump that produces 80' of spray distance at full hose length

  • 2 lockable tool boxes

  • Plenty of basket space for spades and other tools

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‚ÄčA multitude of high-volume pumps, with ability to moves tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute. Our aim is to setup and pump water from affected areas to a depression, lake, river or dike.

Cross Country Canada can provide High Volume Water Cannons and Wide Range Jets used for fire control and wetland barriers as well as large volume water control in flood prone areas and disaster relief applications.

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