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Environmental Filtration is a process where discharge water undergoes treatment through process elimination.

Environmental filtration removes undesirable contaminants that can be easily oxidized once exposed to oxygen, such as suspended solids, iron, and other pollutants.


Our filtration process treats a wide range of constituents, through various processes. Standard systems address, pH levels, total suspended solids, iron content.



The experts at Cross Country Canada provide the heavy equipment rentals, industrial supplies and turnkey solutions for every site and condition.  

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Frac Tanks are a large, movable heavy gauge steel storage tank. Typically holding up to 18,000 gallons (400 BBL), it readily provides storage for fresh and turbid water, wastewater, chemicals, fertilizers, and more. With ease of mobility, Frac Tanks can be moved/emptied as the need arises. CCCSR carry Frac and Floc Tanks as well as Poly vertical tanks




  • Groundwater remediation

  • Suspended solid settling

  • Septic wastewater storage

  • Freshwater storage

  • Frac site storage for sand and water

There are various types of dissolved impurities in water that need to be removed before it is potable. Whether being used for commercial or residential purposes – all water should be free from contaminants. Cross Country Canada realizes the importance and understands the impact it has on our environment – we endeavour to make a difference.

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