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1038 Vario Tractor

With 396 horsepower, a base/max weight of 38,000 – 52,000 lbs., all powered by our VarioDrive CVT transmission, the Fendt 1000 series accomplishes more than any other tractor you’ll find.​

The Fendt 1038 Vario harnesses its power. Its large tires, intelligent ballasting and tire pressure assistant as well as unique, variable four-wheel drive deliver the right amount of grip in any situation – along with outstanding maneuverability. And it has more than just pulling power.​

Most powerful standard tractor with maximum modularity The Fendt 1000 Vario occupies a new segment with its power output. Its design as a high-performance standard tractor brings together every advantage for operations in the field and on the road.

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Xerion 4000 TRAC VC

Some applications require particularly good visibility to the rear of the tractor. A rotating cab is ideal for applications such as: − Silo work (maize and grass) − Wood chipping − Mulching − Snow blowing At CLAAS, VC stands for Variable Cab.

The rotating cab is the most convenient reverse-drive system imaginable. At the press of a button, the cab can be moved from its central position to the rear facing position above the rear axle.

With automatically rotating controls, all functions remain the same when operating in the rear position.

For high driving comfort on the road, the cab is centrally positioned between the axles. In the silage clamp, on the field, in the forest or in the mountains, the XERION with the cab rotated over the rear axle becomes a user-friendly self-propelled machine with a unique view of the job in hand.​

The XERION 4000 has an OM 470 LA with 11 liter cubic capacity. The two larger XERION 5000/4500 models are powered by the OM 471 LA with 13 liter cubic capacity

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MJF -241 STX

Model: MJX-241-STX
Power: 280-400hp
Rotor Dia/W: 800mm/2435mm
Weight: 2860kg
# Teeth: 104

The continuously adjustable screen plate is made of strong, high-quality steel. Its optimally positioned and sized hexagonal holes
allow the material through at just the right size. Larger pieces of organic material are first pre-crushed at the rear of the frame by
counter blades and then reduced to the required size by the screen plate against the edges of the openings. The screen plate
height is hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cab and can also be adjusted during operation. This screening solution guarantees
very good results even when used with a stabilising rotor in deep milling and at a low rpm typical of stabilising rotors. This requires
less power and keeps the wear and tear on the equipment low.

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MJH - 351

Model: MJH-351
Power: 280-400hp
Rotor Dia/W: 600mm/3510mm
Weight: 2950kg
# Teeth: 152

Mericrusher forestry mulchers and tillers are reliable, efficient and cost-effective land clearing equipment. Superior design and engineering enable mulchers to work effectively above and below the ground level.
• Forest to farm clearing
• Forest site preparation after harvest
• Construction and clearing of utility rights of way
• Clearing and grubbing for building and other site development
• Stump removal
• Crushing of ice and frozen soil

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SFM 250

Model: SFM 250
Tractor: 500hp
PTO: 1000rpm
Working Width:2550mm
Total Width: 2870mm
Weight: 4350kg
Rotor Diameter: 670mm
Max shredding diameter: stones 200mm, trees 350mm, stump 450mm
Max working depth:300mm
No. teeth (type F/3+STC/3/FP): 62+6

Stone crusher, forestry tiller and mulcher for PTO tractors with fixed teeth rotor. The SFM is the answer to a very demanding market and tough applications.
This unit combines the functionality and efficiency of a forestry mulcher, forestry tiller and rock crusher.
The SFM is equipped with interchangeable bolt-on counter blades, FCP inserts (FAE clade plate) and grill making this machine unique in its category.

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Reliable, efficient and cost effective land clearing equipment. Superior engineering enables mulchers to work effectively above and below the ground level.

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Don't Mulch It, Crush it!  

Go Beyond Mulching with Biomass Incorporation Heads from Mericrusher.

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