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Product demonstration in Spurce Grove, Alberta.

Incomat Concrete Pipeline Cover

Efficient and quick-to-install, the Incomat concrete mattress system, protects pipelines against buoyancy, uplift and external impacts.


The Incomat Concrete Pipeline Cover is a new product to the North American pipeline industry.  The Incomat system will drastically improves production, safety and total cost vs traditional coating methods.

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Grid-Guard installation on an Alberta pipeline project.

Grid Guard

Grid-Guard HD Plus pipeline protection grid is an extruded polyethylene 1mm (3/8") three-dimensional mesh/grid with the addition of a geotextile fabric backing. Installed on both steel and plastic pipelines.

  • Offers greater impact protection during backfill operations

  • Offers additional protection after burial: fabric acts as a slip sheet around the pipe, helping to minimize soil stress on tapes and coatings

  • Does not interfere with cathodic protection

  • Consistent thickness throughout

  • Available in custom pads and rolls

  • Lightweight and flexible

  • Does not bunch up in the cradles

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