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Autonomously hold any position and precisely place crane picks.

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The outdated method of using a rope to guide the load in place isn't efficient or safe for the modern-day crane operator.  The Vita Load Navigator - an autonomous system that stabilizes loads despite wind or crane movement.  Instead of using tagline, you use a wireless remote control to rotate the load within one degree of where you want it.

VLN Radio System meets EN ISO 13849-1 :2015
Structural Lifting meets ASME B30.20, BTH-1, DESIGN CATEGORY B, CLASS 0

Remotely operate the Vita Load Navigator from a distance of up to 600'.

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The Vita Load Navigator lifts heavier loads faster and places picks with absolute precision.

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  • Load never deviates more than one degree. Stays in position throughout entire lift.


  • Load will automatically stabilize in high winds up to 50km/h.


  • Position Hold feature locks in preselected orientations, ideal for repetitive lifts.


  • Makes crane operations up to 50% faster.


  • 63% Reduction in Injuries from Spinning Loads.

  • 75% Fatality Risk Reduction.



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