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In both underground and above ground mines, quarries, and construction sites, water can accumulate and interfere with operations and safety, necessitating its management and removal.

Being able to handle the timely management of water levels and extraction from large tailings ponds, catchments, and deep excavations is essential to the overall health and production of the mine.



The experts at Cross Country Canada provide turnkey solutions for every site and condition.  


Underground and Open Pit often calls for dewatered conditions, this becomes a necessity when digging below grade and exceeding depths of the surrounding ground water table.


Tailings Ponds and Dewatering Catchment Ponds are often used in mine filtration processes. Having the right pumping equipment to move treated and untreated water is key.

Cross Country Canada carries High Head long distance pumping equipment to handle heaving flows, that can be discharged miles away, as well as specialty pumps capable of heavy sludge, solids and pH levels.

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