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On site Mobile Warehouses provide supplies, consumables and rentals directly to the contractor.  Cross Country Canada can adjust layout or location to meet the customers needs and will stock what the customer wants for their job.


In response to the industry’s high demand for essential industrial supplies and rental equipment, Cross Country Canada has enhanced its capacity to facilitate customer needs.  With mobile warehousing solutions, we have the ability to place warehouses in strategic locations to better accommodate clientele requirements.

Cross Country Canada is the first and only to provide mobile warehouse systems for the construction industry in Canada.

We also offer pre-stocked sea-cans that can be placed on site, in order to ensure that supplies and equipment are readily accessible and can be replenished as required. 

Businesses rely on quick and efficient delivery times and competitive pricing to support them on their projects; Mobile Warehouses and pre-stocked sea-cans assist clients in meeting these objectives

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Different configurations available by request.

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