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IHG Induction Generators

Available models: IHG 120, IHG 150

Induction heating self powered generators (DIESEL)
• Self contained skid-mounted unit
• Diesel powered air cooled engine
• Auxiliary power sourced
• Electronic specifications display
• Remote controlled

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Heating Coils

Available Sizes: 10’, 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”

Tesi’s Induction Heating Coil is the safest and most efficient way to preheat pipe for coating applications. Designed to heat the sandblasted and exposed welded pipe joint in order to prepare the pipe cutback surface for coating.
• The Induction Heating Coils are designed to heat the pipe after welding in order to prepare the pipe cutback surface for coating
• Positioning of the windings is precisely studied to provide uniform heating or a customized temperature distribution on the pipe joint surface, while the silicon sheath on the windings ensures good resistance to high temperatures
• Induction heating coils can be customized according to given technical requirements
• Clam-shell design allows easy access to weld
• Rolls easily on the pipe
• Easy open and shut
• Light Weight

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The Cata‑Dyne™ Sure Seal™ pipeline system is a unique infrared heating system consisting of a number of Cata‑Dyne™ heaters mounted in a clamshell frame configuration to provide a safe and fast method of applying heat to the construction and maintenance of various sizes of pipeline systems.

• Utilizes the Cata Dyne™ heater for high temperature applications
• Models available for 2" (51 mm) diameter or greater pipelines
• Requires no water, electricity or compressed air to operate
• Faster than tiger torch methods and uses less propane
• Portable and easily operated by one person, depending on pipeline sizes

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Sandblast Decks

• 2 Operator access ladders, 1 in rear, 1 on side for access to compressor.
• Forklift pockets built in bed frame for ease of removing and installing deck.
• Elevated air compressor for direct access to service points and to illuminate air contamination.
• 10.0 Cu. Ft. Blast pot with 2 blast hoses to allow 2 operators at same time.
• 2 Adjustable blast hose jib poles to allow operator to have direct line blasting.
• Swing open gate rail to allow a full pallet of blasting media to be loaded without hand stacking.
• Drop down rear frame to ease the loading of sand blast pressure pot.
• 2 Toolboxes for storage. 2 Co2 monitors, electric generator.
• 2 Blast hoods with air conditioners.

Single Pot 375 comp.
Dual Pot 750 comp.

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Coating Shack

Our lightweight, metal coating shacks provide the user with lighting and protection from the elements.

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Coating Tent

Our metal framed coating tents with canvas cover are lightweight and easily transported from joint to the next by a back end rig.

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Holiday Detectors

670: Wet Sponge 67.5V
780: 1-5kV DC
785: 1-15kV Pulse



Minimize the effects of corrosion by detecting the presence of “holidays” or “defects” in non-conductive coatings.The output voltage of your holiday detector is subject to influence by weather conditions, moisture on the pipe, improper grounding and soil conditions. Jeepmeters allow for the highest accuracy and performance from your Jeeps.

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Cross Country Canada can provide high quality pipe coating equipment and accessories from leading manufacturers.

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