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Sizes: 4", 6", 8", 12", 16", 20", 24", 36"’
- 300 ANSI Fittings
- 740 PSI Operating Pressure
- Full Por Ball Valves
- Full QC Packages

The CCCSR Pig Launcher is designed to work in conjunction with a hydrostatic testing system. The result of decades of experience in the pipeline industry, the launcher is built to withstand the rigors of testing on construction sites and remote locations.

Our Pig Launchers are constructed to the same tolerances for rugged durability as our launchers. Delivering solid performance under harsh work site conditions.

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Test Heads

8", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24", 30", 36"

- Engineered to build up to 48” and down to 6” if needed
- Designed to max test pressure of 3000psi with 1500 ANSI valves and cover both Canadian and USA Pipeline Codes
- Heads are equipped with full protective cages to ensure protection for the valves during use.

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Air Compressors

Available Models
1600 CFM 150PSI
750 CFM 150PSI
375 CFM 150 PSI
185 CFM 100 PSI

Doosan Portable Power provides large air compressors that are in a class of their own. These portable compressors from Doosan are reliable and rugged to maximize uptime and productivity.

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High pressure testing recorders, gauges and pumps for all of your hydro testing needs.
- Digital & Analogue Gauges
- Nvision Recorders
- Chart Recorders
- High Pressure Test Trees
- Baker Pumps
- Pneumatic Pumps
- Mechanical Dead Weights
- 2 Stage Pumps
- Extra Hoses
- Generators
- Compressors
- Pressure Washers

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Cross Country Canada can provide high quality pipe testing equipment that are crucial in the cleaning, monitoring and maintaining of pipe. 

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