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An environmentally friendly alternative for pressure washing, steam cleaning and servicing heavy equipment.

Cross Country Canada wash pad systems consist of four individual sections, four ramps and side curtains.  Each section is fastened together by chains to allow easy contouring to level or unlevel ground.  This simple, yet effective set up allows for easy and timely  jobsite efficiency.

Complete systems weigh approximately 42,000 pounds and can easily be transported in one load on a high boy or step deck trailer.

Providing up to 3500 gallons of 100% containment capacity, allows for waste-water disposal in an ecological manner.

These wash pad systems require no extensive plumbing and can be used year-round, with the addition of glycol heaters to impede any freezing.

Wash pad sections can be connected with 2” hoses to allow for fluid equalization or skimming fluid off and pumping to a tank for disposal at a later time.

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Along with our portable wash pads you can keep your heavy equipment clean with our portable steam trailers.  Remove oil, grease and contaminants right on the job site. 

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  • 16’ Enclosed Trailer

  • 630 gallon polyethylene, heavy-duty water tank

  • 3000 PSI Pump

  • Heavy Duty Hose Reel c/w 150’ HP 3/8” hose with wand

  • 115V heater complete with stand and 50’ cord

  • Two 12Volt LED Work lights

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