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Don't Mulch It, Crush it! | Go Beyond Mulching with Biomass Incorporation Heads from Mericrusher

A common misconception about Mericrusher biomass incorporation heads, is that they are just another mulcher. However, this misguided conclusion couldn’t be further from the truth. On the surface a mericrusher may seem similar to a common forestry mulcher, however here in lies the rub - Mericrushers go way below the surface…. literally. Forestry mulchers are high-speed, low-torque units, running anywhere from 1800-2100rpm. This speed allows a mulcher to easily cut, grind and clear vegetative growth above a forest floor, but does not have the horsepower to work subgrade. In contrast a biomass incorporation head is low-speed and high torque, averaging around 240rpms, allowing it to easily move below the surface – up to 16” depending on ground conditions.

One of the many design features that sets the Mericrusher heads apart from the rest is the addition of an adjustable screen plate, made of strong, high-quality steel. This screen contains optimally sized, hexagonal holes which allow material through at just the right size. Larger pieces of organic material are first pre-crushed at the rear of the frame by counter blades and then reduced to the required size with the use of the screen plate.

Field to Farm/ Forest to Farm

Typically, when land is cleared, forest mulchers are sent through to grind up the surface vegetation, leaving a blanket of shredded biomass in its wake. This biomass must then be piled, removed, or burned. Stumps must then be individually pulled, roots picked and finally the land tilled. Farmers commonly lose 2-3 years of crop while this process takes place.

Mericrusher heads take all the extra work out of the equation, by grinding up both surface and subgrade organic matter into tiny pieces and incorporating it back into the soil, permitting the farmer to plant as quickly as the next day.

Diverse Applications

With the ability to work above and below ground as well in any climate, Mericrusher biomass incorporation heads are not limited in application use, in the way a typical forest mulcher would be.


  • Crushing of harvesting leftovers

  • Preparing of hauling lines

  • Soil preparing for planting

  • Maintenance of forest roads

  • Clearing of vegetation and undergrowth


  • Clearing of building sites

  • Crushing of stumps

  • Ice crushing/ Breaking frozen topsoil

  • Clearing land before seeding and planting

  • Clearing of power lines

  • Clearing of firebreaks


  • Clearing of farm land

  • Reclaiming soil for farming

  • Orchard clearing

  • Farm road maintenance

With superior design and engineering, Mericrusher biomass incorporation heads are

reliable, efficient, and cost-effective land clearing equipment.

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