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GREEN LIGHT | Illuminating a Greener Future with EEL Light Towers and Cross Country Canada

In our ever-evolving world, the need for sustainable and efficient solutions has never been greater. The EEL Tower, a cutting-edge innovation in the realm of lighting and energy management, is set to revolutionize the way we think about fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Unprecedented Fuel Savings

One of the standout features of the EEL Tower is its remarkable ability to slash fuel consumption. In fact, this tower can achieve fuel savings of up to an astounding 96%, all while maintaining optimal performance. Let's break down the numbers:

***Four Lights, Three Charge Cycles***

With this configuration, you can achieve an impressive 88% fuel savings over a 24-hour period. That's a substantial reduction in fuel consumption, without compromising on the quality of lighting.

***Two Lights, Two Charge Cycles***

Opt for this setup, and you'll experience a remarkable 92% reduction in fuel consumption over 24 hours. It's efficiency at its finest, giving you both cost savings and environmental benefits.

***No Lights, Single Charge Cycle***

When you don't need the lights, the EEL Tower still shines. In this mode, you can enjoy an exceptional 96% fuel savings over 24 hours. That's a game-changer in the quest for sustainability.

FUEL SAVINGS Based on 24hr Operation

Conventional 6KW Light Tower

EEL Tower

Reduction in Fuel Consumption

Fuel Savings based off $1.50/L





















Configurations for Versatility

The EEL Tower doesn't stop at fuel savings; it offers multifaceted functionality. Designed to endure tough weather conditions and featuring camera systems, it's a versatile solution for various applications.

Smart Energy Management

Efficiency is at the core of the EEL Tower's design. Its generator runs for just one hour to power the lights and charge the proprietary kCell. After charging, the kCell mode operates for a remarkable four hours, completely eliminating fuel consumption during that time.

Sustainable Operations

The EEL Tower doesn't just reduce fuel consumption; it also slashes CO2 emissions. Operating silently 80% of the time, it excels even in cold climates. This tower is truly a sustainable powerhouse.

Longevity & Economy

Investing in an EEL Tower means investing in the long term. With a 20-year kCell life expectancy and 80% less fuel consumption, you can enjoy identical runtime while making a substantial positive impact on the environment.

Hybrid Power Excellence

The EEL Tower's hybrid system goes beyond just fuel savings. It also reduces maintenance and labor costs, making it an economically sound choice for businesses and organizations.

A Greener Tomorrow

In a world where carbon emissions and environmental impact are pressing concerns, the EEL Tower emerges as a beacon of hope. By reducing fuel consumption and operating sustainably, these towers have the potential to reduce up to 34 tons of carbon emissions per year.

The EEL Tower doesn't just illuminate the night; it illuminates a future where efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. With unprecedented fuel savings and a commitment to eco-friendly operations, it's a solution that holds the promise of a greener, cleaner world for generations to come.

EEL Light Towers
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