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From River and Creek Diversions to Bridge Construction, Pond Rehabilitation and Fish Recovery Projects – Cross Country Canada has a dedicated team and the appropriate equipment to facilitate any of these Water Management requirements.

With a large fleet of heavy equipment rentals such as diesel-powered centrifugal pumps and fisheries approved submersible pumps and cages, we have what it takes to complete projects seamlessly from inception to completion.


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The experts at Cross Country Canada provide turnkey solutions for every site and condition.  


Cross Country Canada is proud to be affiliated with First Nations bands across Canada. With these valued partnerships, Cross Country Canada is able to maintain stringent government guidelines, while protecting the interests of the surrounding communities and habitat as a whole.

Discharge flows, often require filtration of some sort, to maintain environmental standards. With our very own Dewatering Bags, make for a quick install and clean water discharge in all applications.

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A Guide to Water Inflated Barriers

Water inflated barriers or dams are cylindrical tubes typically made of industrial grade PVC, that when filled with water work as a barrier that can resist both external and internal pressures.

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