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HDD Rollers

Sizes Available: 4-48” Heavy Duty, 2-24” Light Duty

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Rollers keep pipe supported as it travels smoothly toward its destination, eliminating the need for manual transport.

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HDD Conical Rollers

Load Capacity: 2000lbs
Diameter Range: 2-24”
Footprint: 26”x16”x8”
Equipment Mass: 90lbs
Roller Style: Single setting urethane cone rollers

Help minimize drag forces of pipe-pulling through horizontally drilled or bored holes.

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Pneumatic Tire Cradles

Sizes: 12”, 24”
Cross Country Canada can provide pneumatic tire cradles to assist in pipe handling and lowering in operations to not only protect the pipe but assure a smooth guide.

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Powered Pipe Rollers


Comes with geared height adjustability which ensures smooth transitions even when the pipe support is under a load. This allows welders to raise or lower the pipe to the same level as the machine and avoid human factor failures. By bringing the pipe in parallel to the machine it is much easier to adjust hi/low and achieve a square face-off. Our welding pipe roller stands can also be used to support pipes when rolling is not required. This allows all worked on pipes to be staged in one location, keeping the fusion machine stationary and minimizing the downtime between fusion joints.

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Pull Heads

Available sizes: 6”-48”
Our certified engineered pullheads can be attached to the end of pipe to make it possible to pull it through a borehole. Commonly used in small-diameter direction drilling for easy installation.

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“Mainline” Lowering-in Belts

Pipe Diameters (inches): 12, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 56, 60

• Heavy duty nylon webbing for durability and strength
• Alloy steel end irons for greater strength with less weight
• Web coated with heavy duty Yellow Jacket™ Coating
• Orange vinyl tag with clear protective cover to protect data

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Rolli Cradles

Sizes Available: 6-12” Single Head (10 rollers), 8-12” Dual Head (10 rollers), 12-24” (14 rollers), 24-36” (12 rollers), 36-48” (16 rollers), 48-60” (18 rollers)

• Various cradle assemblies for pipe sizes 6" (152mm) through 60" (1524mm) welded seam hang-up
• Designed load capacity ensures safe handling of heavy wall pipe
• Multiple urethane rollers spaced to support the pipe evenly
• Replacement urethane cradle rollers available
• Custom sizes available upon request

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Rolli Slings

Sizes Available: 2-8” (3 rollers), 8-12” (5 rollers), 12-24” (7 rollers)

• Slings for pipe sizes 2" (51mm) through 24" (610 mm)
• Designed load capacity ensures safe handling of heavy wall pipe
• Multiple urethane rollers spaced to support the pipe evenly

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Cross Country Canada has an array of rollers, cradles and slings designed to guide, support and protect pipeline sections during construction.

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