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storm water chamber.jpg

Thanks to its superior mechanical strength, EZ Storm Stormwater Management Systems can be installed under heavy or light roadways, offering multiple applications such as roads, parking lots, bike paths, pedestrian walkways, gardens, parks and more.

  • 96% of the void, which minimizes the footprint and excavation volumes.

  • With custom-made installations with variable geometry, all configurations are possible.

  • The polypropylene structure can support a CL-625, H-25, or HS-20 load (up to 20 tons per axle under conditions). 

  • 100% inspectable in all directions. 

  • Can be installed to a depth of 6 m with a maximum backfill of 4m under conditions.

  • Quick and easy assembly and installation require less labor. 

  • Can be connected to pipes of various  diameters.

  • Half-blocks offer a solution for low coverage and allow the height of a structure to be modulated in combination with full blocks. 

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