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Cylindrical tubes typically made of industrial grade PVC, that when filled with water work as a barrier that can resist both external and internal pressures.   

Typically used in projects that involve outfalls, water intakes around rivers or for shoreline isolation during erosion repairs. They can also be utilized for flood control and are a common sight during spring runoff.

Coffer dams are a popular choice in these types of applications as they are much less cumbersome and labour intensive than the use of sand or aggregate filled bulk bags, earthen berms, or rigid dam systems.

Double Dam sizes up to 4’ (1.2m) high. 
Triple Dam sizes from 5’ (1.5m) up to 8’ (2.4m) high. 

Engineered Coffer Dam systems can be constructed at a working  water depth of up to 12ft.   

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Onion/Pumpkin Tanks

  • Onion/pumpkin tanks are open topped, self-supporting water storage bladders, ideal for fire suppression or water transfer

  • Standard sizes are 10’x3’ (1500 imp gallons) and 13’x3’ (2500 imp gallons)  

  • Made of durable polyester reinforced PVC fabric.

Pillow Tanks

  • Pillow tanks can be quickly deployed and filled with water from any available source

  • Can be filled and drained repeatedly, or function as storage for extended periods of time

  • High strength material

  • A variety of sizes are available with capacities up to 300m3 

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Industrial containers made of woven, flexible fabrics designed to store and transport dry, flowable products. Strong, durable, cost-effective andenvironmentally-friendly, these bags reduce labor and handling, optimize space for warehousing/transport, may be reusable and are recyclable.   

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