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Lineup Clamps

Self Centering Internal Pneumatic Lineup Clamp

A self adjusting mechanism is provided in the rear of the clamp to center to the clamp in the middle of the pipe to reduce offset between the two pipes being joined together.
Sizes: 6”, 10”, 12”

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Lineup Clamps

SLC Series: for pipe welding with coated electrode process.

SLCA Series: for pipe welding with automatic MIG/MAG process, with backing of the welding bath made with copper pads.

Available sizes of line-up clamps for pipe sizes ranging from 8″ and 60″.

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Tack Rigs

• Cat D6N Tack RIG
• Marooka Tack Rig

Offers the exceptional performance, productivity and versatility required to facilitate the building of pipeline infrastructures.

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Auto Weld Shacks

• 10’L x 12’W With Adjustable Doors 12”-48”
• Folding Floor Panels
• Engineered Lifting Hooks
• Dry Weight 4300lbs
• Can Set Up Power and Lighting to Customer Specifications

Our all-steel auto weld shacks, complete with folding floor to allow for lowering over pipe, are specifically designed for mechanized welding, providing the operator both lighting and protection from the elements.

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Welding Tents

Sizes Available:

• Adjustable height 3” tubing frame
• Various saddles for the pipe are available
• Single lift point
• Interior lifting eye rated for 500lbs
• Works well for coating in inclement weather conditions
• Tent Sizes, 10x10, 10x12, 12x12
• Customization is available

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Bevelling Equipment

A full selection of pipe beveling equipment.

Beveling Machines
Mathey 2-4”, 3-8”, 6-12”, 12-20”, 24-30”
SawyerQuickset 1.5-4”, 3-8”, 8-14”, 14-20”

Beveling Bands 10”-84”

Bevel Crawlers, whip, motor & remotes.

Victor Barrel Torches 8.5”, 14”
Angle Heads

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Demagnetization System

• Fits Multiple Pipe Diameters
• Portable and Lightweight
• Single Phase, 50/60hz operation
• Water, Dust and Crush Resistant
• Sealed Panel and Switches
• Simple Interface
• Expandable for More Power
• Use on Valves, Vessels & Plates

The IDMAG system is easy to deploy and simple to operate. It is powered by 120V-250V, 50/60Hz, single phase power which allows it to be used at almost any location. The IDMAG system is built to work. It is weather, dust and crush resistant and can be used in the toughest of conditions.

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Western Instruments

Demagnetization Coils

14” 115V-6HZ
25” 230V-50HZ
38” 230V-60HZ

WD-Series Coils are currently available in many ID sizes (8 5/8”, 10 ¾’, 14”, 16”, 18”, 25”, 32”, 38”, 44” 50”, and 60” ID). Demagnetization takes less than 2 minutes per end and remains demagnetized for several days, to an acceptable level for Welding of +/-2 Gauss.

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Line Up Clamps

Ratchet Style sizes 10” – 84”
Camlock Style sizes 3” - 16”

Cross Country Canada External Line Up Clamps are designed to provide maximum access to the weld without the need for rolling the clamps. By allowing for more pipe to be exposed during the welding process, the risk of cracked welds upon clamp removal is greatly reduced in comparison to other clamps in the industry.

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Ratchet Clamps

Available for pipe sizes ranging from 10 inches through 84 inches while the toggle clamps are currently available for 2- 8 inch pipe.

Rugged and capable, the heavy-duty KC Classic Line Clamps are available in two configurations: Ratchet Clamps, operated by a ratchet handle and screw, and Toggle Clamps, which use a lever-operated toggle action.

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Ultra Rim Clamps

Available sizes 12-48”

Designed for use on out-of-round pipes requiring a high level of alignment accuracy.
• Plated jackscrews with pivoting pads for precise reforming pressure
• Pivot points are made from stainless steel so one clamp will work for all applications
• Heavy-duty latching mechanism for stability and safety

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Cold Cutters

Sizes available:
Rigid 6”

Cross Country Canada offers a wide variety of Reed cold cutters for various pipe sizes.

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A wide variety of pipe welding tools and equipment to meet demanding quality standards and deadlines.

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