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Wellpoint Dewatering is often the most cost-effective solution for controlling excessive groundwater levels in deep or shallow excavation projects.

The aim, of Water Evacuation through WellPoint Dewatering is a quick and easy way to facilitate a stable and safe soil condition, prior to breaking ground.


The ideal wellpoint system extends around the entire perimeter of the excavation and most systems are scalable to suit applications.


PT150 wellpoint system BBA Pumps  (2).jpg

The experts at Cross Country Canada provide the heavy equipment rentals, industrial supplies and turnkey solutions for every site and condition.  


Wellpoint dewatering is the perfect solution for:


  • High-rise Buildings

  • Basements, Underground Parking

  • Pipeline Projects

  • Tunneling Projects

  • Utility Trenches

We cover everything from initial site assessment, concept proof and design, supply, and rental of all the necessary equipment, water treatment, installation of wellpoints and the ongoing management and maintenance of system and project.

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