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Our Air Curtain Burners are the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, portable wood waste combustion systems on the market.

The future of wood waste elimination systems, the Cross Country Canada Air Curtain Burner operates on advanced principles and processes to be the most cost-effective, environment-friendly portable wood waste combustion systems on the market.

Our portable equipment provides a secure and safe environment in which the combustion of wood and other types of waste occurs, utilizing the wood and other combustible waste as its own fuel source. The elevated combustion chamber, air curtain, and pre-heated under-fire air increase combustion efficiency.

The agriculture and forestry industries are embracing emission reduction technology to improve material remediation in an environmentally sensitive manner, and Cross Country Canada can supply large, above ground, air curtain burners that drastically improve upon current equipment solutions.

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A high-velocity curtain of air is directed across the entire burn chamber, eliminating smoke, while directing additional oxygen in to the burn chamber, ultimately improving combustion efficiency.


The intense heat and minimal oxygen result in the creation of biochar, a carbon-rich material that is renowned for its ability to enhance degraded soil quality.

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Blaze A Trail | Air Curtain Burners Lead the Way in Wood Waste Emission Reduction

Everyone has heard the expression “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, but in the case of Envirosaver Air Curtain Burners, that old adage couldn’t be further from the truth.


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