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Products to stabilize terrain and solve civil engineering problems


MSE Walls & Slopes

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls are engineered wall systems comprised of alternating layers of backfill and geosynthetic reinforcement. These systems make for more efficient use of limited land resources by allowing steeper, stable slopes that are also aesthetically pleasing and technically sound.



Roads & Rail

When compared to traditional road and rail construction methods Cross Country’s geosynthetics can reduce the use of natural resources, accelerate construction schedules and reduce maintenance costs. 

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Shoreflex Epcor.jpg

Erosion & Sediment Control

From Turf Reinforcement Mats to Straw Wattles Cross Country has the products and expertise to protect your jobsite and our waterways.

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If you have drainage challenges like flood mitigation, foundation waterproofing or groundwater conveyance, Cross Country Canada has expertise and solutions that will make sense for our environment and your budget. 

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Cross Country Canada offers a specialty line of pipeline protection products.  Our heavy-duty extruded Grid-Guard polyethylene mesh can be installed on both steel and plastic pipelines, while the efficient and quick-to-install Incomat concrete mattress system, protects pipelines against buoyancy, uplift and external impacts.

Incomat Pipeline Cover (IPC) system logo removed.jpg
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