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Model 250 Series
John Deere: 250G LC, 290D, 270D LC, 290G LC, 270C LC, 270 LC
Caterpillar: 329DL ME, 329DL, 326F, 325BLN, 329DL LR, 326FLN

Model 300 Series
John Deere: 300G LC, 330C LC, 330 LC, 345G LC
Caterpillar: 330B LC MH, 330B, 330DL LR, 330 LMF, 330BL LR, 330B LL, 330CL ME, 330BL, 330DL UHD, 330CL, 330CL LR, 330, 330DL RE, 330B LME, 330DLN ME, 330D2L, 330D WH, 330BL UHD, 330BLN, 330DLN, 330CLN, 330FL, 330D, 330DL ME, 330DL, 330CL UHD, 330C

Model 400 Series
John Deere: 490, 470G LC, 490D, 450 LC, 450C LC, 450D LC, 490E
Caterpillar: 349D2, 345BL II, 349D, 340F L, 349D LME, 345B LC II, 340DL, 345, 340F, 349DL, 345BL, 345B, 345B II, 349D2L, 345B LC, 340F LRE, 340D2L, 349D2 LME


Lifting Jibs

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