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Respirator Half Mask

The benchmark in half masks, crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone for exceptional fit and comfort:

  • Medical-Grade Silicone: Ensures a wide sealing area for optimal fit and comfort.

  • Cradle Suspension: Woven straps offer maximum mobility without compromising support.

  • Versatile Design: Easily converts to PAPR or supplied air respirator.

  • Latex-Free: Safe for users with latex allergies.

  • Comfortable Lower Headstraps: Stretch and move with the worker, enhancing comfort without pulling on the facepiece.

  • Secure Upper Headstraps: Minimal give for secure support during use.

  • Optimized Sealing Area: Varied thickness for improved comfort and support.

Experience the pinnacle in half mask design with unparalleled comfort, fit, and performance.


SM 770030S
MED 770030M
LRG 770030L

N Series Filter

Designed to ensure worker safety in various hazardous environments, this filter offers:

  • Low-Profile Design: Curved top for reduced interference with pipes or objects.

  • User-Friendly: Easy user seal checks, even on gas and vapor cartridges.

  • Compatibility: Approved for use with Honeywell North Half Masks and Full Facepieces 

  • Enhanced Comfort: Reduces visual interference, improves head movement, and alleviates neck and back muscle fatigue, even during extended 8-hour shifts.

Trust in North N Series Filter: P100 for reliable protection and enhanced comfort in demanding work environments.

$10.76 2/PK


Nylon Bag

Nylon carrying bag for half masks, available in one size.



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Quick Stik Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Marker

A premium industrial paint marker featuring:


  • Glow in the Dark: Enhances visibility for 30 minutes in low light.

  • Versatile Marking: Adaptable to dry, wet, smooth, rough, or hot surfaces.

  • Convenient Design: Easy-Grip Airtight Cap, self-storing cap for cleanliness.

  • Weather-Resistant: Long-lasting marks withstand various conditions.

  • Temperature Range: Marks in temperatures from 0°F to 480°F (-15°C to 250°C).


Perfect for inspections, maintenance, and diverse industrial applications.



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