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Light Duty Panels
Fence Line Gates

Diamond Ranch Series

Designed for low stress livestock handling applications and portable pens. This series utilizes square tube rails angled vertically.

Medium Duty Panels
Medium Duty Gates
High Pole/Bow Gates
Gate-In Frames
Gate Panels

Rustler HD Medium Duty Series

Designed specifically for penning and handling applications. Constructed primarily out of 16 gauge - 2 3/8" diameter steel tube.

Medium Duty Gate

Thrifty Medium Duty Series

Constructed primarily out of 16 gauge - 2:" diameter steel tube. With heavy duty gate hinges and a chain latch connecting system, the Thrifty Series is a highly popular gate system throughout North America.

Self-Catch Head Gates
Manual Squeeze Chutes
Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes
Squeeze Chute Carrier
Palpation Cages
Loading Chutes
Single & Double Alleys
Sorting Alleys
Block Doors
Handling Assemblies
Maternity Pens
Calf Tipping Tables

Livestock Handling Equipment

Premade designs for heavy duty livestock handling applications. Primarily constructed of 400, 500 and 600 series components.

Herringbone/Arrow Pens
Manual Roping Chutes
Lead Up Alley
Stripping Chutes

Timed Events & Roping Products

Paired with standard rough stock rodeo equipment.

Continuous Fence Rails & Panels
Residential Fence Panels & Gates
Bison Series Handling Equipment
Sheep Series Light Duty Pens
Small Animal Light Duty Pens

Specialty Handling Equipment

From light penning for sheep, goat, hogs and other small animals to widely popular continuous fence.

Light Duty Panels
Light Duty Gates
High Pole/Box Gates
Gate Panels

Rustler Light Duty Series

Designed specifically for light penning and handling applications. This series is constructed primarily out of 18 gauge - 1/2" diameter steel tube. Featuring a universal chain latch connecting system, the Rustler Series can be connected to pre-existing systems or posts.

Medium Duty Panels
Medium Duty J-Leg Panels
Medium Duty Farm Gates
Medium Duty Mesh Gates
High Pole/Bow Gates
Gate Panels
Alley Control Gates
Connecting Posts
Mounting Brackets

Lemsco Medium Duty Series

Designed specifically for medium stress cattle handling assemblies. Constructed primarily out of 14 gauge - 1 1/2" diameter steel tube.

Heavy Duty Panels
Heavy Duty Arena Panels
Slant Bar Feeder Panels
Roughstock Panels
Cattle Tie Panels
Heavy Duty Corral Gates
Split Corral Gates
High Pole/Bow Gates
Split High Pole/Bow Gates
Alley Control Gates
Connecting Posts
Spreader Bars & Posts
Mounting Brackets

Corral Heavy Duty Series

The leader in high stress cattle handling equipment offering the larges diameter and most wall thickness in the industry. Constructed primarily out of both round and oval 13 gauge - 2" diameter and round 10 gauge - 2 3/8" diameter steel tube.

Bucking Chute Rodeo Systems
Herringbone Handling Assembly
Stripping Chute Handling Assembly
Timed Event Roping Chute
Timed Event Lead-Up Alley System

Rodeo System Design Services

To aid with the products supplied for rodeos and timed events.

Horse Stalls
Round Pens
Fence Panels
Travel Panels

Equine Handling Equipment

A full line-up of of equine handling equipment with the safest and highest quality products to ensure that owners prized horses are kept safe and well taken care of.

A comprehensive inventory of livestock supplies from 2W Livestock Equipment.

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