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A Century of Chuckwagons | CCCSR Sponsors Mitch Sutherland's Team at Stampede 2023

Cross Country Canada Chuckwagon tarp on Mitch Sutherlands wagon at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.
Mitch Sutherland along with Cross Country Canada President Kade Demuth and CEO Tim Martin.

Yeehaw, partner! This year's Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby was a true wild west extravaganza, celebrating its 100th anniversary with a thundering display of horsemanship and adrenaline-pumping chuckwagon racing. And guess what? Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals (CCCSR) proudly sponsored the talented Mitch Sutherland and his Chuckwagon team, making sure they were well-equipped for this exhilarating showdown.

The Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby is a legendary event that traces its roots back to 1923 when the world's first Chuckwagon Race was staged right here in Alberta. Inspired by the tradition of cowboys breaking camp and racing home, this heart-pounding event has captivated audiences for a century. While a few rules may have changed since those early days, the spirit of adventure and fierce competition remains as strong as ever.

Mitch Sutherlands chuckwagon featuring a tarp from Cross Country Canada.
The Cross Country Canada tarp on Mitch Sutherlands wagon.

CCCSR's journey to the Stampede began back in April when we had the winning bid for Mitch Sutherland at the Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction. This annual auction pairs companies and groups with the 27 Chuckwagon drivers invited to compete at the Stampede. As successful bidders, we had the unique opportunity to advertise our brand on Mitch's Chuckwagon Canvas throughout Stampede 2023, giving us a prime spot to showcase our commitment to the event.

But we didn't stop there, partner. In a true show of dedication, Cross Country Canada sold off 7 out of our 10 nights to select customers and vendors. This allowed them to advertise their businesses and enjoy the thrill of the races alongside us. It was a win-win situation, offering a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Stampede experience while supporting our customers and building lasting relationships.

Opening night (Friday, July 7th) was a rip-roaring start to the Stampede, and CCCSR was there, hootin' and hollerin' as we cheered Mitch and his team off the starting line. The final weekend (Saturday, July 15th, and Sunday, July 16th) was a thrilling spectacle, with our hearts pounding as Mitch and his team thundered around the track. And let me tell you, partner, they didn't let a little hailstorm dampen their spirits. Through rain or shine, they gave it their all.

And let's not forget the grand finale, the Dash for Cash! The closing night was a nail-biting experience, as the finest chuckwagon drivers pushed their teams to the limit, vying for victory - which was taken by Alberta's own Layne MacGillivray with a time of 1:13.24. When the dust settled, the night sky lit up with a breathtaking fireworks from the evening Grandstand show.

As we hang up our hats and bid adieu to the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby, we at CCCSR feel proud to have sponsored Mitch Sutherland's Chuckwagon team, supporting their pursuit of victory and sharing in the rich heritage of the wild west.



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