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Blaze A Trail | Air Curtain Burners Lead the Way in Wood Waste Emission Reduction

Everyone has heard the expression “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, but in the case of Envirosaver Air Curtain Burners, that old adage couldn’t be further from the truth.

Visible smoke is mostly carbon (soot) and ash and occurs when there is not enough oxygen to burn the fuel completely, causing incomplete combustion. The Envirosaver Air Curtain Burner from Cross Country Canada maximizes combustion efficiency of clean wood and vegetative waste, discharging just steam and biogenic CO2 – so fire, but no smoke!

In both forestry and agriculture, grinding, hauling, and landfilling of vegetation are major contributors to CO2 emission outputs. Even worse is the piling and decomposition of these organics release enormous amounts of methane into the atmosphere and according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, methane is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.

The agriculture and forestry industries are embracing emission reduction technology to improve material remediation in an environmentally sensitive manner, and Cross Country Canada can supply large, above ground, air curtain burners that drastically improve upon current equipment solutions.


Once the waste material is loaded inside the burn chamber, the Carbonizer is ready to be ignited. This process offers an optional Clean Burn Ignition System that ensures a quick and clean “light off”, taking approximately 7-10 minutes for the waste in the chamber to become completely engulfed in flames.

At this point, the air curtain is activated and increased incrementally to full velocity by the operator interface control panel. This curtain of air is directed across the entire burn chamber, stalling particulate while directing additional oxygen into the chamber, increasing combustion efficiency.

The wood waste combustion chamber is constructed of rugged thermal-ceramic panels that assist with equalizing combustion temperatures throughout the burn chamber, exceeding 2700°F (1500°C). Additionally, pre-heated air under the elevated floor provides more oxygen to the base of the burn chamber, accelerating combustion even more.

Material can be loaded consistently through operation, being mindful to keep matter below the chamber curtain as to keep air flow and incineration most efficient. The wood waste material is all that is needed to sustain combustion, no other fuel source is necessary.

Beneath the grating floor of the burn chamber is an auger system used to automatically remove ash. This not only drastically reduces particulate (fly ash) during operation, but eliminates the time-consuming, potentially dangerous, and dirty process of manually cleaning ash that is required with other manufacturers equipment.


When biomass is burned it turns into a charcoal, like the embers in a campfire. However, since the particulate in the air curtain burner is unable to escape, it is forced back down into these coals, creating a super-rich form of carbon.

When these extremely hot pieces of “super coal” collect below the burner in the auger system, they are then quenched with water to extinguish the ember and starve it of further oxygen, what remains is a porous carbon substance called Biochar.

By stimulating the activity of important microorganisms, biochar is a popular agricultural choice for improving soil conditions and fostering woodland health.

From the extreme reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to the production of soil enhancers with the use of biochar, the Envirosaver Air Curtain Burners from Cross Country Canada are the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, portable wood waste combustion systems on the market.

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