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Spread Like Fire | How Pipeline Spreads Benefit From Air Curtain Burners Use

The EnviroSaver Air Curtain Burner from Cross Country Canada adds efficiency and profitability to any pipeline spread.

With a wood waste combustion chamber that is completely contained and elevated off the ground, the Air Curtain Burner prevents any damage or sterilization to the surrounding soils during the burning process. This allows the burner to perform in sensitive environments, such as wetlands and areas rich in peat moss. As a self-propelled unit, the Air Curtain Burner can access areas easily, and walk unassisted up slopes up to 5 degrees (while assisted slopes are endless). With a dumping feature that enables quick cleanout the machine can continue to run at optimal peak performance without time lost.

The disposal of construction wood waste on any pipeline site can be costly and inconvenient. The Air Curtain Burner allows for the incineration of mats, skids, and other wood waste materials directly on site, and with a venting opacity of 0-5%, these burners eliminate wood waste efficiently with little to no consequence to the surrounding air index.

When biomass is burned it turns into charcoal, however, since the particulate in the air curtain burner is unable to escape it is forced back down, creating a super-rich form of carbon called Biochar. When biochar is reintroduced into soils, it reactivates important micro-organisms that foster vegetative growth. Since topsoil removed during pipeline construction tends to sit for long periods of time, it becomes sterile, needing months to reactivate naturally when rollback is complete. By utilizing this natural biproduct of the Air Curtain Burning system, land reclamation can be done within a week, which is paramount in certain areas, such as agricultural land.



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