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TOP 10 REASONS | Why Cross Country Canada is Your Rock Solid Mining Partner in Western Canada

Discover the Top 10 reasons why Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals stands out as your rock-solid mining partner across Western Canada:

In mining, our expertise in geosynthetic solutions, including geotextiles, geogrids, and drainage products, is essential for addressing challenges and enhancing efficiency. Geosynthetics offer strength and flexibility, making them ideal for various applications, from reinforcing road pads to managing water drainage. Our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to improve infrastructure stability and streamline on-site processes in mining operations.


Cross Country Canada is the unparalleled choice for the mining industry's industrial supplies, offering an extensive range of products, from abrasives and cutting tools to spill control and cleaning supplies. What sets us apart is our vast vendor network and global sourcing capabilities, allowing us to meet our customers' volume needs at competitive prices that outdo the competition. We are committed to providing a comprehensive solution with quality products and cost-effective solutions for the mining sector on a global scale.


Explore a diverse range of equipment, from light towers and generators to fuel cubes and yellow iron, to boost the efficiency of your mining operations. Our dedicated team of qualified technicians is tirelessly working to ensure our equipment is always ready to roll. From routine maintenance to meticulous inspections, we go the extra mile to deliver top-notch, reliable gear for your mining needs.


Count on our specialized equipment tailored to meet the distinct demands of mining operations. Our offerings include portable wash pads, providing a convenient on-site solution for cleaning heavy equipment with 100% containment. This not only enhances the efficiency of your operations but also ensures environmental compliance.

Additionally, our fleet includes fire suppression trailers equipped with an impressive 1000-gallon water capacity. These trailers are specifically designed to address the unique fire safety needs of mining sites, offering a rapid and effective response to potential fire hazards. The substantial water capacity ensures extended firefighting capabilities, providing an added layer of protection for your valuable assets.

Our commitment to understanding and meeting the specific requirements of the mining industry is reflected in the diversity and functionality of our specialized equipment. Whether it's the convenience of on-site heavy equipment cleaning or the assurance of robust fire suppression capabilities, our solutions are crafted to enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance in the dynamic environment of mining operations.




Cross Country Canada's mobile warehouses can be placed directly on site to provide supplies, consumables and rentals directly to the contractor.  Each layout can be fully customized to suit the users needs.  From a single stocked sea can to a multiple trailer system complete with Cross Country team members to manage daily operations.  Mobile warehouse customers also have access to the Cross Country Canada rental fleet, which can provide a variety of equipment such as light towers, pumps, Morooka carriers and more directly on site as well.  Warehouse inventory will be customized to the workers needs, eliminating the need to leave site. 


Enhance land clearing practices with our air curtain burning services, a crucial element for promoting environmentally friendly and efficient mining operations. Our portable equipment ensures a secure environment for the combustion of wood and other waste materials, utilizing them as their own fuel source. This not only contributes to safe and efficient mining practices but also minimizes environmental impact. The elevated combustion chamber, air curtain, and pre-heated under-fire air work together to significantly increase combustion efficiency, making our services a sustainable choice for land clearing in the mining industry.


At Cross Country Canada, we've got your logistics needs covered with our CCC Trucking division. Our comprehensive transportation services, extending from coast to coast and even covering the territories, make us your go-to connection for efficient shipping.

From hotshots to heavy haul, our expert team and expansive fleet are equipped to handle any cargo, regardless of size or complexity. Count on CCC Trucking to optimize your logistics, providing reliable transportation services that guarantee the smooth movement of equipment and supplies. Trust us to deliver seamless transport solutions, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination with precision and efficiency.


In the mining sector, Cross Country Canada excels in designing specialized industrial fluid high head pumps, meticulously crafted to address the distinctive demands of mining applications. Whether you need pumps for extended distances, greater vertical lift, or specific mining requirements, our commitment to precision and performance ensures that each pump is a custom-built solution. We take pride in delivering unparalleled efficiency in fluid management, providing mining operations with reliable and tailored pumping solutions that cater to their unique needs.


Take advantage of our strategically located facilities across Western Canada, ensuring easy access to supplies and services. We maintain a dynamic approach to our locations, adapting to project movements across the western regions of Canada to consistently provide the utmost convenience for our valued customers.


Discover the unparalleled convenience of having all your mining solutions consolidated in one place, streamlining the procurement process and elevating operational efficiency to new heights.

At Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals, we are dedicated to offering a one-stop-shop experience for all your mining needs across Western Canada. Our commitment extends beyond merely supplying essential products; we provide a comprehensive suite of services to support and enhance your mining operations. Whether you're in need of essential supplies, cutting-edge equipment, proficient land clearing services, efficient logistics, or all of the above, Cross Country Canada is your go-to partner. We take pride in our ability to cover the entire spectrum of mining requirements, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most – the success and efficiency of your mining endeavors. With us, you're not just getting products; you're gaining a reliable and comprehensive ally in the mining industry.



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