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Wheat Dreams | Cross Country Canada Opens Doors to Regina Branch

After bringing Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals back to Canadian ownership in October of 2021, we knew that in order to be successful we needed to further support Canadian industry.

On June 1st, Cross Country Canada officially opened our doors to a Regina location, our first branch in the Land of Living Skies. This location will not only provide products, services and rentals for all of our Saskatchewan customers much more effectively, but allow us to further our professional relationships within the extensive and diverse industries that make Saskatchewan a leader in Canadian enterprise.

With a wide selection of equipment, a vast inventory of supplies and a team of experts with knowledge from all sides of Canadian industry, Cross Country Canada can support all mining, agriculture, civil construction, pipeline, facility, railroad and water management projects.

Be sure to stop by and meet the team at our new Regina location:

28 Cassie Bay

Sherwood Industrial Park

Regina, SK S0G 5K0

Or give us a shout anytime at:




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