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Grand Ol' Time | CCCSR Grand Opening & Customer Appreciation Event

With restrictions lifting in Alberta, the team at Cross Country Canada was excited to finally be able to host our official Grand Opening to celebrate our newly branded Canadian business and the customers who helped us get where we are today.

On April 29th, we opened our doors to all of our valued customers, clients, suppliers, friends, and family for our celebration.


To mark the occasion, we planned a fun filled day for all, including our first annual Crossfire BBQ Cookoff! This grill-master competition was Initially put together as a way to settle some fun BBQ rivalries between the Cross Country Canada employees, however, with so many people excited about competing, it quickly rolled into a full-on Texas BBQ style cookoff, with ten full teams.

Each team was required to cook an appetizer, St. Louis Style Ribs, Chicken Lollipops, and a dessert – all on the smoker of course. Though the competition and rivalry were fierce, it was also friendly as each team enjoyed sampling each other’s goods. A fun afternoon of sharing barbequed treats, stories and libations was had by all.

Cross Country Canada employees didn’t miss out on the fun either, with four of the ten teams entered sporting CCCSR teammates – including team Big Inch BBQ – who took their smoking to the extreme by not only competing in the competition but also preparing pork butt and brisket for more than 200 people on our custom smoker, at the same time. Now that’s BBQ badassery!

Our panel of six judges, including the one and only Danny Hooper (our MC for the evening), were tasked with two rounds of judging – the first to narrow down the top four teams, and the second the choose the best of those four. They were served a whopping 44 plates of food each! Even with only taking a bite or two of each, that’s a lot of BBQ! However, not a single judge complained, in fact, they all seemed to be in BBQ heaven.

In the end Ram River/Accurate Industries took the top spot by not only highest total marks, but beating out every team in each category. Congratulations!


As a company that regards humility as one of our core values it is important to us that we “pay it forward” and as such decided to incorporate a live and silent charity auction into our festivities.

After much thought and consideration, we chose The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides as the recipient of the funds raised from this year’s auctions. This amazing organization not only empowers Canadians with disabilities to navigate their world with confidence and independence by breeding, training, and placing Dog Guides with those in need, but they also provide a lifetime of follow up services and do so at no cost to the recipient or without any government funding, relying solely on donations from people and organizations just like us.

With the help of the generous donations from our suppliers, customers and friends, and with the auctioneering expertise of Danny Hooper, we were able to raise just over $64,000 for the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides!

Fun & Games

The day had no limit to fun and excitement, on top of the cookoff and auctions there was so much to do! From mini excavator challenges to getting “nailed” playing our Crossnail game, (the CCCSR version of Hammer-Schlagen). As well as unique ice cream treats from Scoop n Roll Creamery for the kids (and the young at heart), and CrossBeer – our own private labeled beer from Alley Kat Brewery – for the adults!

CEO Tim Martin and President Kade Demuth finally made Cross Country Canada official with a ribbon cutting ceremony, before Danny Hooper and his incredible band took to the stage to entertain into the night!

An evening of dancing, singing and tons of laughter kept the celebration going into the wee hours, and CCCSR made sure everyone got home safely.

An enormous thank you to all the people who helped bring our event to fruition. If it was through a donation to the auction, entering our cookoff, or just showing up to celebrate, we appreciate all of you.



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